Robotic Lawn Mower

I remember the days when a ride-on lawn mower would have been legendary... Now you can crack a beer, sit back and watch, as the robotic lawn mower keeps your grass looking good.

Rocket Skates

Remember when heelys were all the hype? Now you can cruise at 12 MPH and never break a sweat! With an 8 mile range, these skates will take you places!

Zymatic Brewery

Get ready to have your very own beer brewery right inside your house! Programmed with hundreds of recipes for craft beers or take it to the next level and create your own!

New York 18K Bracelet

Blind people across the room with this masterpiece. With 18k white gold and 671 diamonds embedded within, this bracelet is definitely a show stopper!

Dragon Incense Box

Enlighten the scent in your home when fragrant incense smoke rises from the vented nostrils of this absolutely awesome, fire-breathing dragon sculpture. Lends mystery to any Medieval decor.

Vitamix Pro Series

Another personal product I've been using for years, will help you get through college with this bad boy! Get ready to have any shake prepared in a matter of moments!

Rolex Platinum Watch

If you're wearing this watch, you won't even have to talk to pick up the ladies! Let the wrist hang out and let the watch do all the talking!

24K Gold Rollies

We don't know what you're smoking but imagine pulling out one of these rollies in front of your friends next time it goes down!

Cinema 8350 Projector

If you want a theater experience without actually leaving your home, then this projector is the answer. Give yourself and the family the high definition 1080p experience they deserve!

Dominator Gaming Laptop

If you want to be the best, you need one of the best gaming laptops out there. Get the edge on your competition and compete with this gaming machine!

Beard Growth XL

Release your inner beast and become a real man by growing out that massive beard. Join the elites and look badass on a daily basis with this beard growth formula.

Junior 3D Printer

Are you ready to take your designs and ideas, and make them a reality right in front of your eyes? This 3D printer will do just that, so get ready to have your mind blown!